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Training Wheels

Published on 13/08/2020

When children are learning to ride a bike, we give them stabilisers; training wheels to avoid the inevitable, which still happens anyway.

There are the scraped knees and the adults with bruised shins. There are nervous pets leaping out of the way just in time as the toddler careens around the corner.

When you’re learning, training wheels can be really helpful, they give you the confidence to balance, to read the road ahead of you and to concentrate on all the other things you have to do when you’re just starting out.

Often investing can be like learning to ride a bike. Yes, there are online tutorials, books and podcasts to listen to. Twitter feeds and Instagram posts to help you along the way. But the real learning comes from doing.

At Upside, we're building an app that helps you start investing at your own pace - however slow that is. Our three-pillar appriach takes into account confidence, spare time, risk appetite and personal values.

Upside is the training wheels, so you can concentrate on building wealth, financial independence and control. Once you are ready - and only when you are ready - those training wheels can come off.

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