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The Rooster of all Co-Pilots

Published on 17/11/2023

When we first set out to build Upside we made all the mistakes a start-up should avoid. We assumed.

The learning was painful, expensive, painful...

That is the beauty of building a new business. You find a market fit for your product or it finds you.

During the hundreds and hundreds of hours talking to prospective users and practitioners, we learnt that the key to building a personalised investment tool, was the guidance.

Guidance is a hard thing, the very word conjures images of a teacher, a parent or Mr. Myagi. It sounds like work.

What we needed to build was not a way to invest, but a how to invest. And the how required us developing a Rooster - or for non-Top Gun fans - a co-pilot.

We had to design and develop a technology that allowed anyone, anywhere to invest with their own personal co-pilot. Someone who understood them, and evolved with them. Someone who gave advice when asked, fact when needed and prompts - but at all times remembering who the pilot was, and which direction THEY wanted to go.

That is what we've been wrestling with these last years, how to deliver a bespoke and guided....sorry...co-piloted journey. How to develop a digital investment companion who is able to learn, adapt and evolve.

The vision is to allow you to to manage your general investments alongside your ISA or SIPP. To allow you to take risk in a inate way, mixing single stocks with themes to your own personal taste. It is about control, but aided.

There is always an Upside to having a Rooster in your life.

Lets build!!!

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