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Published on 03/01/2023

Some thank yous, some links, some stats and some updates.

Thank you to all of you for your support in 2022 - building a new guided investment tool is some undertaking, and knowing you are all in this with us is hugely appreciated.

We’ve been busy - as you might imagine - refining our view of a future of investing has required endless feedback, and pushback (yep, it's not been a straight path!!), so please keep it coming. We can only do this with your help!

Thank you to Jae for his epic piece on personalisation “Proved by Science, Powered by the Crowd, Directed by You….”

Here too are our ideas for 2023 and the slightly less optimistic view of the world…

We’ve come dangerously close to our ambition of 5,000 users by Christmas (I believe but for a glitch in mid December, we would have hit it), but for 2023, lets see if we can reach 20,000!

Finally, we are waiting for funding to close on our current round to be able to turn on general investing. We are all plumbed in and ready to go, but want to make sure we have the BEST customer service team available before we do, some backup for our sleep deprived dev team and some help to make sure we get our message out there in Q2. Once that’s wrapped up - we will be back with bright lights and a GO sign.

In the meantime, the app is still humming with ideas, blogs and stock updates. We are refreshing all the bundles to make sure they are alive and ready for the year ahead, and we’ve got some really cool AI feedback functions lined up for the app, to help you with your investing. (We’re still working on a name - Jae hates the Jae-bot. Alexa’s taken…what shall we call it??)

If we can do anything for you in the meantime, please let us know - email/ Discord / LinkedIn / Twitter / Slack / fax to Will.

The new world of investing is coming - and it's coming with an Upside.

Have a wonderful, happy, healthy and fun 2023.

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